Woodford County Public Schools in Versailles, Kentucky implements Matrix to track student performance across multiple assessment measurements
Matrix addresses challenges faced by many K-12 districts
Automated scheduling module, to help place students into clinical rotations, as part of its clinical tracking system, eCLAS

Consulting: Analytics and Dashboards

Data Overload.

Every business has massive amounts of data. It’s there to help your team make better decisions. But it’s useless because nobody can find it when they need it. And very few can organize or interpret it. It’s valuable – but only if you make it easy to access and use.

We help customers organize their data into relevant chunks to bring out the most meaningful parts.

If you're a school district and you're collecting massive amounts of data about, let's say, student performance, and trying to organize the data or uncover or track trends it can be a pretty daunting task. But it should be simple to drill down, and graphically display the most meaningful parts through user-friendly dashboards.

Check out some examples below.

Key Areas.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Data Mining
  • Analytics and Dashboards
  • Packaged Reports and Analysis

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Nope, we’re not in the kitchen, we’re finding meaning in data because that is our passion. Care for a helping? 

K-12 Dashboard, Performance Analytics, and Reporting


Helping districts improve performance through analytics and rapid access to information.

Enterprise CMS and Website Statistics


Dashboard for analyzing and tracking all activity related to an organization's web site.

Professional Development Data Warehouse


Slicing and dicing of staff professional development data.

Student Performance Testing


Analytics Dashboard for measuring and evaluating student assessments and performance based testing.

Customer Base Analytics and Reporting


Tracking and analyzing trends in customer activity and preferences.

Curriculum and Instruction Analytics


Identifying gaps and overlaps in classroom instruction and assessments.