Reduce Decision Risks Effortlessly Review Candidates Convenient Process
+ Immediately begin online application management, submission, and review as soon as the application is submitted. + Administrators can sort through large assortments of application data and filter form submissions to show the applicants they are most interested in and make hiring decisions accordingly. + Manage every aspect of the hiring and admissions process from the time the application is submitted until the end of the very last interview entirely online at anytime, from anywhere.
+ The web-based interface centralizes all application submission and management activities for every position. + Get immediate and real time access to applicant information with optional automatic email notifications on a per application basis. + Track job postings through the entire application process from application receipt to interviews and hiring or admission. Manage everything through one user-friendly interface.
+ Administrators can generate comprehensive reports on data to find the applicants that are the best fit. + Connect "Apply Online" forms for job and enrollment applications directly to your website or intranet. + Candidates can apply for job online, and save the application to finish at a later time, and jobs that have already applied for can be tracked.

Applicant Tracking

  • Manage all applications from a single website.
  • Share information easily with entire hiring team.


  • Use custom applications for different job types.
  • Allow resumes, references, and other documents to be attached to each application.
  • Sort and filter applications based on your criteria.


  • Organize information to compare applicants to criteria and each other.
  • Filter information to sort applicants and improve decisions.
  • Export information to share with those outside of the Applicant Tracking system.

Applicant View

  • Applicants see a website branded with your company logo and colors.
  • Applicants view job openings and create an application.
  • Information is kept confidential with a secure login process.
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