Centralized Assessments Streamline Your Process Unlimited Access

Manage selected response-assessments, as well as performance-based assessments and rubrics through one centralized solution.


Manage multi-page tests with individual question formats, view exam information by student or test, and seamlessly customize assignments.


Once developed and assigned, students can then track and take their assessments from home or school.


Control every aspect of tests and assessments from building and organizing, to taking, grading and reporting results.


Eliminate time-consuming tasks, such as developing test and assessment questions, by utilizing existing questions from question banks.


Managing tests and quizzes has never been easier. Teachers can develop, manipulate and track tests from anywhere they please.


Gather test results, store data and create comprehensive reports with custom dashboards for every school in your district.


Deliver standardized online assessments and produce customizable reports based on trends, subjects, or even individual performance.


Finally, giving students the flexibility to login and view their test results from home, review missed questions and take tests multiple times allows them to get immediate results and analyze their skills in an area.

Create Tests

  • Quickly create tests with existing question banks, equation builders and other tools.
  • Randomly assign numerical values to questions making each user's test different.
  • Build test banks to create a pool of questions for retakes.
  • Restrict access and define the number of times a test may be taken.

Questions and Rubrics

  • Create, view and edit question banks and rubrics.
  • Share questions and rubrics with others.
  • Filter questions to quickly find what you're looking for.
  • Assign state or district standards to a rubric.
  • Assign weights to individual rubrics, to value one performance task over another.

Test Listing

  • View live, draft, and archived tests.
  • Sort by owner, date, title, and more.
  • Copy a test to create a new one, saving time.
  • View all versions of a test with a single click.

Bubble Sheets and Reporting

  • Print your own bubble sheets for in class assessments.
  • Create custom answer sheets to utilize ExamN's built-in scanning and automatic grading.
  • Grade tests automatically by scanning customized bubble sheets as they're turned in.
  • View students' test results online instantly.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of class reports from the comfort of your home.
  • Adjust reports to include data based on course, class, subject area, grade and student.

Customize the Content

  • Edit page layout including question order, page numbers, and option to return to previous page.
  • Format questions including checkboxes, drop-down menus, and free-form text.
  • Divide tests into multiple pages to be taken all at once or separately.
  • Display images in questions and answers.

Student View

  • Conveniently take tests from anywhere, anytime.
  • Keep up with deadlines by viewing assigned tests and due dates.
  • Review answers and make changes when allowed.
  • Retake tests to earn a better grade (when allowed by teacher).

    Dashboard and Reports

    • Collect data to generate comprehensive and customizable reports based on subject area, course, class, grade and student.
    • Export real-time student performance results to address NCLB requirements.
    • View the standard error of measurement for a test, to understand how well a test measures a student's abilities.
    • Improve future question phrasing or format by analyzing student answers to a specific question.
    • Generate grade summaries for each student.
    • Create custom reports to analyze the big questions.
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