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+ Collect and store the responses to school forms as they are submitted. School administrators can log in and review all the submissions, or filter to review them based on certain criteria. + Forms can be linked to the school website, so parents and students can easily find and fill them out. Viewers can add attachments to their submission such as a picture or a Word document. + Develop, publish, and track online permission forms, evaluations, registration forms, and event sign-ups, and generate research, feedback, and comprehensive reports on results.
+ Districts can quickly create and publish any type of form, from simple registrations to complex surveys and evaluations, online and connect them with their websites. + Track and summarize student and parent responses and evaluation results in multiple reporting and charting formats, as well as generate customized reports and export the data. + Gauge the effectiveness of teaching methods or track student interests by creating teacher evaluation surveys, activity signups, and field trip permission slips.
+ View and complete surveys, teacher evaluations, school registration forms, activity signups, and permission slips, at anytime from anywhere. + Create online forms with multiple question formats, custom look and feel, and much more. + Create unlimited customized forms, permission slips, and evaluations. Schools are able to specify formatting details, upload images, and more.

Design the Information

  • Easily add checkboxes, date fields, drop-downs, text boxes, radio buttons, and more.
  • Create new forms quickly by copying an existing form.
  • Create themes for each school within your district to brand forms created by and for each school.
  • Add a Table of Contents for multi-page forms.
  • Preview forms before publication to catch errors and improve  the design.

Use the Information

  • View individual responses.
  • Export survey data to Excel or csv file to share or conduct further review.
  • Present different surveys to different audiences through version control.
  • More...

Control the Information

  • Activate or deactivate a user.
  • Apply user-level or group-level permissions to each form, allowing view, update, delete, make live, or archive capabilities.
  • Organize live, draft, new, and archived forms easily.
  • More...

Use the Information

  • “Get URL” lets you copy and paste the link to your website or into an email.
  • Allow completed forms to be printed by submitter.
  • Customize thank you responses with text, graphics, and links.
  • More...
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