Simplify the Process Centralize Activity Management Track District Goals
+ Break down the process of event enrollment, form submission, and administrative approval into a simple step-by-step sequence.
+ Create professional development activity catalogs that allow you to send activity requests through the required approval processes.
+ Generate status reports to track teacher progress towards district goals and objectives, hours, and credits. 
+ Reduce paperwork with online tracking and approval.
+ Track internal and external activities and registration.
+ Get district PD goals and objectives pre-loaded into the system.
+ Allow teachers to manage and track their own PD hours, credits, and goals.
+ Manage and allocate activities using district and building funds. + Ensure that your teachers complete goals required by the state.
Webinar Recap

Webinar - Inservice: Overview of Professional Development Tracking: Looking at professional development tracking from a principal's perspective and showcasing teacher related tools for personal portfolio management.

Webinar - Inservice for the Professional Development Administator: Managing district wide professional development, district activity catalogs, workflows and approvals processes, reporting, and more.

Webinar - Inservice for Managing Professional Development: Addressing how teachers can manage their own professional development activities, hours, and credits.

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Professional Development Administration

  • Manage multiple professional development  workflows.
  • Create a comprehensive PD course catalog.
  • Obtain attendance and enrollment data.
  • View Comprehensive Reports.
  • More...

Approval Management

  • Define approval process and routing by district, school, or building.
  • Notify teachers and approvers of status via customizable automatic emails.
  • Approve or deny requests and add comments.

My Professional Development Plan

  • View past and upcoming classes.
  • Track credential information and expiration dates.
  • Generate personal portfolios, credential and certification reporting, and mentoring plans.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • View reports by class or activity.
  • View individual teacher transcripts.
  • Print any report.

Analytics and Dashboards

  • View data by Events. Drill down to view details by curriculum category, month, or course duration.
  • Search events by title or data.
  • View data by staff. Sort by grade level, departments, buildings, or groups you define.
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