Simple Student Referral Management Customized Forms Easy Tracking Process
+ Process referrals to designated helpers, in-school services such as support groups, individual counseling, and skill building. + The online referral forms for the Student Assistance Team can be completely customized to your current forms. + Manage every aspect of the student referral process entirely online at anytime, from anywhere.
+ The web-based interface centralizes all referral form management activities for individual students in the SAP program. + Forms may include a self-referral, a referral from school staff, other students, police officers, case managers or parents. + Track forms through the entire referral process. Manage everything through one comprehensive system.
+ Administrators can easily manage each student's form assignments from one user-friendly interface. + With the online assignment interface, forms will be filled out and managed in one place. + Administrators can track student's areas of concern, attendance problems, counselor reports, recommendations, and more. 



  • Manage all student forms from a single website.
  • Share information easily with entire student assistance team.


  • Use custom forms for different referral types.
  • Assign forms to different administrators.


  • Update and view important student information.
  • Assign forms to individual students.
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