Raise the Bar
Streamline the Process
Complete Solution
Manage all equipment, room, and event information, and generate reports based on attributes, schedules and availability.
Replace paper usage, time conflicts and overbooking delays with this online organized scheduling and planning application.
+ Integrate the calendar functions, search for room/class availability, and manage location information from one single web-based application.
Store detailed information about all classes, conferences, and meetings throughout your organization.
+ Schedule classes, meetings, conferences, and events with availability tracking and the quick one-step reservation process. + Schedule rooms, equipment and events based on capacities and availability with built-in checks to eliminate overbooking.
Access information about availability, and manage classes, events, and capacities online.
+ Automate the room reservation process by entering room and equipment requests online. + Book classes online, order related supplies and resources, and manage order history from a single system.

Overbooking Checks: keep up with schedules and events while away from the office

Calendar View: view and search events from multiple calendar and daily views.

Reporting: print reports for various time periods, buildings, rooms, equipment, and supply reservations.

Availability Searches: advanced searches for availability based on building, floor, room, and equipment. Displays results in a color coded time frame table that allows the user to see exactly when the room or equipment is booked, for what event, and when it will be available.


Room Scheduling: schedule events that span multiple days, occur once or multiple times, and include multiple rooms.


Event Recurrence: create recurring events such as daily, weekly, week days only, monthly, every 5th day of every 2 months, yearly, custom dates, etc.

Email Notifications: during the reservation process, send emails to assignees of rooms, equipment, and supplies to let them know about the scheduled event.


Asset Management: modules for maintaining equipment and supply inventories with information including manufacturer and vendor information as well as images and locations.


Region Management: manage multiple regions and buildings from one system.


User Availability: check which users in the system are available for a given event.

Recreational Scheduling:

RCtraK exclusively focuses on the recreational side of resource management. It enables users to schedule events and resources associated with their particular industry - whether sports, athletic pastimes and activities, or even other areas of training and recreational activity.

Room Scheduling:

RMtraK is a comprehensive room scheduling and reservation software tool available for academic institutions. The application provides a fully integrated and scalable solution that saves any organization both time and money by streamlining the scheduling process. The web-based interface allows for anytime, anywhere access with real time updates of room schedules and reservations.

Resource Management:

RMtraK is available with a fully integrated Resource Management module that offers efficient resource and equipment management to any organization that needs a complete scheduling solution. The application fully tracks room layouts, capacities, availability, resources, equipment, supplies and attributes. The module can also function as a stand-alone resource management system.

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