Build Online Files Manage Student Evaluations Track & Report
Easily track multiple IEPs for each student within a district along with their goals, baselines, and benchmarks. + Manage student evaluation results for academics, adaptive behavior, assistive technology devices, cognitive development, social behavior and more. +
Track which forms are required based on each student's needs, which forms have been completed, and which forms still need to be completed.
+ Simplify the complex IEP process by keeping track of the data submitted and the data that is still required. + Ensure that IEP case files and reports meet state and district standards for content, meetings, and reporting progress. + Manage and track all information, forms, and reports for K-12 individual evaluation programs.
+ Teachers can build online files to track a student's individualized evaluation program. + Automatically generate a progress report based on the goals and benchmarks defined for the student by the teacher. + Provide standardized and comprehensive IEP evaluation reports for parents at IEP meetings.

Key Features.

Manage IEPs

  • Student Information
  • Benchmarks
  • Goals
  • Baselines
  • Placements
  • Services
  • More...

Progress Reports

  • Define baselines
  • Create goals for specific time periods
  • Add benchmarks to complete


Special Education Services

  • Select multiple types
  • Define specific time periods and frequency
  • Specify locations

Evaluation Forms

  • Track completeion of assessments 
  • View assessment results
  • Create a form bank for all evaluations for the district
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