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+ Effortlessly create online calendars either as a stand-alone application or as an integral part of the district website. + Easily create recurring events such as weekly, monthly and yearly activities. + Create events that are open to the public or that are only accessible through a login and password.
+ Manage all district, school, athletic, and activity calendars in one centralized solution that is customized to match your existing site. + The user-friendly design makes it easy to search and filter calendar by keyword, date, and other criteria. + Communicate district and school activities with parents, students, and the community.
+ Anyone can access up-to-date calendar events from home, school, or anywhere. + View one or more calendars at a time with color coded events for easy viewing. + Keep faculty and staff up to day on conferences, meetings and other activities.

Key Features.

Multiple Calendars

  • Manage multiple calendars without double booking your team.
  • Team members choose to view any combination of calendars helpful to them.
  • Maintain internal and public-view calendars.
  • Post one or more calendars to the district's website to keep parents and students up-to-date.


  • View a single calendar at a time.
  • View daily, weekly, or monthly calendar.
  • Move to a new month or year quickly using calendar menu.
  • Manage personnel and project deadlines.
  • Access calendars from any browser.
  • See Today's Events from any view.

Event Details

  • Add an event and specify Event Name, Date, Location, Start and End Times.
  • View event details in any view.
  • Add reminder notes in any event - what to bring or how to prepare.
  • Limit user access through simple login process.


    • Quickly find events using search.
    • Search across multiple calendars.
    • Print search results.
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